Electric tools to strengthen technology innovation


Power Tools To strengthen technological innovation

In global sales of electric tools, mostly from China's production and exports, China has become the world's leading suppliers of power tools.

Power tool industry in the development, some problems have become increasingly apparent. Especially in research and development reform has been slow, obvious gap with foreign countries, export volume is low, a lower level of performance, the price is low, small scale, low-set degree, raw material prices and other factors severely restricted the further development of the industry and quality improvement.

Power Tools companies must seize the new developments, we increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, improve the supporting measures to actively create conditions to attract foreign investment, promote enterprise asset restructuring, the only way to under the new situation never fail.

Pneumatic tools market bullish

Pneumatic tool market is optimistic about the businessmen, on the one hand because of its relatively high technical requirements, the use of increasingly wide range of pneumatic tools, plus the service further to keep up, to dispel the fear of the past, customer product repair broken nowhere concerns, so that the sales potential of pneumatic tools further stabilized.

However, due to its market price is generally higher than in power tools, it has also become one of the main pneumatic tools are not generally been used up.

With the continuous improvement of domestic production technology and mature, the price of pneumatic tools will gradually decline.

Hardware Tools Gift Set popular

With the gradual increase people's consumption level, ordinary people into the family car, car accessories, vehicle tools and car care needs has greatly improved.

Car lorry tools including wrenches, jacks, rivet guns, etc., especially the best-selling electric car lorry tools.

Electric car lorry tools, small size, light weight, excellent performance and safety. Rivet gun is also applicable to decorating, carpentry and other decoration industry, too.

At the same time, the combination of tools and practical family started to enter the homes of ordinary people. Exquisite packaging, complete the type, range of functions and reasonable price, is a good helper for households and businesses, but also the gift of good gifts.

In particular, some foreign tourists, for practical household combination tool is a soft spot, buy a gift or personal use, economical and affordable.

Hardware Tools product demand is very strong, especially the emergence of gift Tool Kit for hardware industry pointed out a new path.